Listen Through Walls With a Wall Microphone 2018

Listen through walls with a wall microphone and get the evidence you need.

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See a selection here of some wall microphones.

A wall contact microphone will enable you to hear what’s going on at the other side of the wall.

Wall microphone spy equipment is perfect for private investigators, law enforcement and other parties.

There is a variety of covert audio spy equipment available that allows you to hear what they are saying and this includes some of the following:

Telephone transmitters, ear phones and voice transmitters (hidden in pens, cards, calculators, outlet adapters, telephone outlets etc.).

Listen Through Walls Professional Device

✅Wall Microphone Spy Equipment

wall contact microphoneThis is the listen through walls device that the professionals use and it is not publicly listed on Amazon due to the highly sensitive nature of this wall contact microphone.

Plug in your earphones, stick the microphone up against the wall and hear conversations taking place in another room.

This wall contact microphone can hear through walls and virtually any other surface like windows, concrete, steel, wood, etc.

It can also detect leaking pipes and even the faint sound of a bomb ticking!

The device uses  a 3.7 Volt battery is included and will last for 24 hours.

If you really need the sound quality to be the best, it is recommended that you also purchase noise cancelling headphones.

If you need to listen through hotel walls (or motel), it’s not a problem, as listening bugs like these can easily listen through a standard 5 star hotel wall.

Use it at home, office buildings or any other place that you might need it.

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Are You Allowed to Listen Through Walls With a Microphone Wall Bug?

It is advised that you check with the laws in your country or state before you order these type of devices or other covert audio transmitters.

Utilizing a wall microphone to listen through walls can be very useful during covert surveillance operations.