Xray Filter: Sony Nightshot Filter

Sony nightshot filter

The Sony nightshot xray filter will give you x-ray vision capabilities that will allow you to see through clothes, dark windows and sunglasses as well as detecting forged documents.

A sxir infrared pass filter like this is ideal for law enforcement officers as you can identify suspects and hidden objects without being too intrusive.

If someone robs a bank with a tinted helmet and the sony night shot is installed (used as a security camera) with filters, you will be able to identify the suspects.

The xray filter can detect forged documents since the infrared pass filters can differentiate between the ink and the dying substance.

There is no need to make any modifications to your sony night shot and all you have to do is to choose the right size filters and just screw on the sxir x-ray filters.

Please note that these filters can be quite revealing and therefore any indecent actions should be avoided. Please respect the privacy of other people.

Different types of sxir filters are available for models before and after 1998.

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How to choose the size of your sony nightshot x-ray filters:

xray filter image

Have a look around the lens piece of your camcorder.

There should be an O with a / over it followed by either 37mm or 30mm.

If it is 37mm then you will need size 37mm sxir filters. If it is 30mm then you will need a 30mm size.

Xray filter

The German made infrared pass filter pictured is for camcorders purchased after Aug. 1998 and fits a 37mm ring. Other filter sizes are also available.

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Are you allowed to use a sxir xray filters with your sony nightshot?

In a nutshell, yes, but be careful that you do not give away or sell indecent recordings, especially when using the x-ray filter.